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"Sergeant Jack Adelt, reporting sir."

"I hear you Sergeant." Evans replied, already adding Adelt's vitals to his HUD's readout. After realizing that Larson wasn't going to answer anytime soon, Evans keyed in his vitals as well.

Damn, mental activity is above normal, must be going through some damn bad memories. Evans thought to himself, watching the MASR readout.

With the addition of Larson's vitals, the 'radar' in his HUD showed where Larson and Adelt were relative to him.

"Alright people, make sure your suits are vaccum ready and prepare for hot LZ." Evans said into the TEAMCOM before keying Team 2's frequency and thowing a line to Null.

"Anybody have the floor plans of a cruiser at all?" He asked. "While I know my way around, roughly, I always like having some idea of where I'm going."

He idly played with a revolver while the unknown Cruiser approached.

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