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Originally Posted by randydg View Post
thanks, that did it.
man i played them last night and they could have done a better job on them, the main story is 100% better than the extra levels.
i played hoth first, but your supose to do it like this:
Dark Side: tattoine then hoth
Light side: only coruscant
Wish they would have some how put it into the main story instead of having to do new game. like at the end of the main game if your evil your sent to tat, if good put the coruscant sometime before going to the last level.

Well hopefully will get to mod it like that and solve that problem,^^which is a good idea^^, and in other ways as well too. But so far, all I've heard is that we can only modify the skin textures. And they haven't released any mod tools for the game yet. I got feeling it's going to be like trying to mod Kotor, and will probably be on our own this time too, as far as trying to mod this game.

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