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Name: Mahn'kie Rak
Planet: Glee Anselm
Race: Nautolan
Style: Dual orange sabers, Ataru, Jar'Kai, Trispzest, and also great hand to hand combatant
Info: Not much known but is said to be the the son of Dossa the sith under Excar Kun. He was raised in an apoption center on Glee Anselm but eventually kicked out at the age of 16 for fighting. Living on the streets Monkey became a good thief and murdered people for money food or sport, one day he thought he spot a "rich sucker" and attempted to pick pocket the man. Unknown to Mahn'kie the man was a sith lord and he was caught by the sith, the man saw potential in the boy and convinced him to travel with him and learn the ways of the sith. Mahn'Kie is different from other sith in that he is silly and not serious, he fights in a strange manner crawling on all 4s and acting strange throwing his enemies off guard.

Mahn'kie steps inside the academy for the first time looking around smiling, other students glare at him and he smiles at them and waves. "where can I put my ****?"
throws down stuff as if there was a bell boy "is this place coed?" winks at an attractive looking girl. Takes of his out wear piling it ontop of his bag now wears only pants, boots and his dueling glove (dont forget his sabers) "who wants to fight?"
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