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First of all, HI EVERYBODY! Long time no login.

Well, I personally want to find out more info on the RP community. Who knows? It might just be fun for some of us who originally started playing OJP with the creators and admins, like I did. I mean heck! I learned how to play properly from Jack Baldy and my buddy Hocks over there(points upward on page). Truthfully though, I've always had at least one toe in the RP side of things, even to the point where I had an apprentice in the sabersystem of OJP(Romario Kabani). So honestly, I believe that 'you can't knock it until you try it' in this case. Anyone see me there?

Oh one more thing. I'm looking to get back into OJP soon. Interests kind of come and go with me like that. Just let me get more comfortable internet access and I'll see you on the servers! BTW, my SW name was Jabari Ronin. Now it's Bari Shido. That's me online.


Star Wars name: Bari Shido

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