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By this time tomorrow, one way or another, my family cat of the past 15-17 years will be put down.

We've seen this coming for about 6 months or so. She was large, and never really active, but she slowly got even more lethargic, constantly didn't use the litterbox, opting instead for the tile around it, things of that nature. Similar things happened with my other cat, Bianca, a few years back, and we ended up putting her down after the vet said she had major kidney failure going on.

About 5-6 days ago I noticed she was puking rather regularly, and I just assumed she got some kind of stomach bug and it would pass. Then yesterday morning when I woke up she was just sitting there, in my room, meowing, for about a minute straight. Then she jumped up in her chair and assumed her spot and lay down.

This morning as I left to pick up my friend from work, she lying down on the back of the couch in our computer room, and she was again meowing at me, but I noticed it sounded different. More distant if you will. When I went to pet her, it suddenly struck me that it seemed like she felt even skinnier than a few days ago. After I got back home I passed back out, and when I woke up I went to check on her. She was still in the computer room, except she was under the computer chair now. She also started meowing at me again, except now it was even weaker.

Of course, even if I had a ride to take her to the vet to put her down today, we didn't have the money until about 4:30PM, when my dad deposited his check.

So now either she'll pass sometime tonight, or we'll put her down tomorrow morning when the vet opens up.

It's amazing. Seeing as we'd seen this coming for ~6 months, I thought I'd be more prepared for this. How wrong I was.

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