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I finally got a computer again that can play the newer games, so I'm catching up with the Telltale Games I haven't yet played.

I just finished Launch of the Screaming Narwhal. I loved the storyline and the humor. I enjoyed Van Winslow, the Marquis de Singe, and the Voodoo Lady was entertaining as always.

I didn't enjoy the forest mazes. The weather vane puzzle reminded me of the sign puzzle in Grim Fandango, and I disliked both a lot.

But, the music was great. I'm so glad they have Michael Land composing for this chapter too. It's great to hear Dominic Armato as Guybrush as always, and although I prefer Monkey Island 4's Elaine, Alexandra Boyd is still excellent.

Zombie LeChuck's voice is a little rough, but since I know that Earl Boen comes back later on in the series, it's tolerable since his part was so small. The voice for the de-poxed LeChuck is excellent judging from the small line he had in the game.

My experience is a bit spoiled since I know who the "threatening voice" (loved that credit by the way) at the end of the game is, but the to be continued break at the end makes me really want to play chapter two soon, so Telltale did their job well for this game.

Oh, and I love the seagulls. They had me chuckling, especially in the machine scene.

I'm playing chapter two next, so I'll post my impressions when I'm done.

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