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Originally Posted by Tall Guy View Post
Monk! you old dog

If I read this again it will only be for the 26th time, meaning I've probably missed something...Better just to read again
If you haven't read the revised version, maybe you have 'missed' something at that.

Speaking of versions, I really (rant alert) wish there were an easy way to convert to the epub format and retain existing formatting. I can run my OOo file through calibre and I just get a pretty awful-looking e-book. The font formatting for the section/chapter headings is lost and I don't see any good way to make the sections into 'chapters' (and scrolling through one long, continuous text is not fun). So far there's only a proposal to give OpenOffice an export-to-epub function, and the only third-party options I can find mostly involve special templates and the prospect of moving a 120,000+ word novel to a new template is scary. I have a fantasy that someone with XML experience would do it for me. Hah. My other fantasy involves finding an illustrator. (Any other fantasies I have aren't suitable for disclosure.)
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