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"Split up into your groups, Team 1 behind me."

"Team 2 with me." Evans whispered into his mic as Null gave his orders. "We're using the old fallback, force and surprise. Don't stay to kill as many as you can, don't hang around and try to fight them, follow me in and guard my back as I blow open walls to get at the engine core; we're trying to stop this ship dead with as few holes as possible, on the outside."

"Sir, the Plague is sending us a hail. They don't see us, the soldiers, but they seem a bit cautious."

"Damn right they're cautious." Evans grunted, he still had issues with Nulls plans, this felt like something that would fall apart with only a slight nudge. He opened up a channel to Null through the TEAMCOM. "Team 2 is ready to blow walls as we make our way to the Engine Core. How do you want it, rare? Medium? Well-Done? Extra-crispy?" Evans was grinning slightly behind his face mask, it was a joy to be able to take the fight openly to the plague instead of simple assassination and terrorism.

<40 years ago, Boston Massachusets. Friday, July 3rd>

Mark Evans looked up at the sky in fear. His young body was too short for the BlasTek body armor he wore and his arms weren't the right length to heft the FN-MAR he was grasping, but still he had them. He looked at the rest of his 'company', 104 14 to 17year olds, just like him... and he was in command.

"When we see them, throw everything we've got at them!" He yelled out to his company over the TEAMCOM. "We're going to take casualties, I'm not going to lie, some of you will wake up in Valhalla today, but we shall not let them take this spacehead!" It wasn't until he heard the roar of the many companies around his position that he knew his TEAMCOM was broadcasting on the public frequency.

"Cadet Evans, please refrain from doing that again." The tinny voice of his assigned AI whispered over his TEAMCOM's private channel. "UNWDC doesn't like it when people say such things to other people's command."

"Of course, Nike, of course." It was impossible to tell with the distortion of the 2nd Generation AI's voice, but he swore up and down that his AI was a she.

With a rumble that shook the very Earth, the large ovaloid troop transports floated down to the ground, landing near the wreckage of the Space Elevator that had been destroyed 3 months ago, in the opening stages of this invasion.

The doors on the transports opened, disgorging thousands of Plague soldiers. Elsewhere the event was going on as well, Boston, Cairo, Murmansk, Melbourne, Kyoto, Rio, every major city or data node in the world was being invaded.

The soldiers opened fire upon the few exposed soldiers of the UNWDF, but that was it as they advanced towards the child soldiers.

"I need artillery and CAS now!" Evans yelled into his TEAMCOM, on the supervisor's channel.

"CAS is inbound from the UNSS Columbia, ETA is 5 minutes." Nike said in her tinny voice into his ear after conferring with the Supervisor AI. "Now you can answer the ages old question, what would you do with five minutes to live?"

Bringing up his rifle so the Iron Sights could be used, Evans took aim on an approaching soldier and fired off his rounds, the thing shrugged off the first 4 rounds, but the fifth and sixth killed it. Instantly, 3 others turned to face him.

Then Hell erupted around him. The X-Ray pumped lasers on the Plague ships in orbit struck all around Evans' position and the positions of everybody in the area. Tanks that had been engaged in a vicious battle with Plague Armor, simply disappeared in a nuclear hell, arty positions simply ceased to exist. "How long?" He choked out to Nike, surveying the destruction around him, and the destruction that continued to pour out.

"Four minutes, twenty seconds."

Cursing violently, Evans fired off all his rounds at Plague Soldiers within his sight well, his Armor support steadily vanished under the onslaught from orbit. Suddenly, the barrage from space started to abate, and little suns illuminated the area even more as Plague battleships started dying.

No one on the ground cheered, they were too embroiled in their own conflict. The plague continued in towards the survivors of the laser barrage. They now dropped weapons to pick up their dead comrades' as opposed to reloading. Totally out of ammo, Evans threw his rifle at a Plague soldier, who was dumbfounded by the move, until his brain met .455 caliber slugs from Evans' pistol.

"How long, Nike?"

"One minute, two seconds." The tinny voice was becoming more distinct, or was it just his imagination and the stress of combat.

Already, Evans could hear the screams of the UNSF Fighter-Bombers entering the athmosphere from the Carrier Columbia. He could visualize how they would swoop in gracefully and pound the hell out of these Plague bastards with their Mass Drivers.

Gratitude turned to horror when Evans saw what was under the F/B-204's, nuclear tipped missiles!

He turned and started to run from the hell that was to be, the Plague ignored him, but his second in command didn't.

"Why are you running Evans?" Nikki Bremies asked angrily as she grabbed his arm. Nike repeated the same question.

"Those fighters are carrying nukes," he managed to choke out before the fighters launched off their missiles into the troop transports.

The shockwave blew Evans and Nikki back into a depression in the ground, Nikki landed on top of him.

That probably saved his life.

Shards of metal from the hull landed around Evans and Nikki, and one even landed on top of them, slicing through Nikki entirely and cutting open Evans gut.

Seeing black around the edges of his vision, he managed to get out only a few words to Nike. "Get....... help........"

His visioned cleared..... he was on a gurney? Where was he? Was this a hospital? Evans tried turning his head to look around, only to find that his head was immobilized.... He looked down at his gut, ugliest damn wound he'd ever seen...... This room was grey.... military.... a throbing thrum indicated FTL engines.... the stolen Plague drives applied to the UNSF Carriers?

"Earth has been..... destroyed." Nike whispered in his ear, her voice was no longer tinny, instead it was almost... human....

"Show..... me...." He whispered.

And he saw.

And he screamed.

<Present Day>

Evans blinked away tears, he hadn't known were there. It had been more than a few years since he'd throught about Boston, but he still missed Nike's familiar presance in his... mind? He'd never quite known where she was, but she'd been with him ever since Boston, until she'd been..... lost.....

"Religous, yes. Fanatic, no. But, You can believe it won't get in the way of the mission."

"A man's got to have something keeping him going," Evans said in partial agreement. "Get ready to vent the athmosphere."

((Yeah, a bit of backfill on the Fall of Earth, other than that, not much))

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