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Originally Posted by Parmenides View Post
Another random thought, in Kotor1, Bastila and her meditation was sort of a secret weapon. There was no indication to my knowledge that she was famous. In KOTOR1, did anyone really know her besides Carth, the council, her mother, and those who ended up dead (Malak and his Sith)? She wasn't the talk of bounty hunters (Initially Nord and Davik didn't know about her). With her Battle Mediation, she would be worth a huge bounty. Maybe Malak's mistake was that he didn't issue a public bounty on her.
If the common folk of the galaxy knew about her, they would know that Malak would want her.
It might not have been public knowledge that Bastila could use Battle Meditation, but it was mostly those who could benefit, or be harmed by the fact, that knew. Also, the main reason why Nord or Davik didn't know about her abilities, was the simple fact that they, nor the Vukars, never found out that she was a Jedi in the first place. That, and if Malak had put a bounty out for Bastila's capture, it would have made the situation likely more chaotic than he wanted. Sure, if she would've been caught during the break-in at the Sith Base, then it would be the quick and clean that he'd like. Though I'm sure that the Vulkars, or any that she might've been sold to, would have loved to find that the Sith wanted her. Though, I'm not sure if Malak or any of the Dark Jedi that served him would deal with a gang, or even Davik, fairly. Maybe he paid Calo fairly, but then, it didn't matter very much.

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