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Aiden was crying.

Such emotions, one would expect, would be impossible for demons to display. After all, what could they have to be sad about when they had the power to manipulate anyone that they pleased? The tears streamed down Aiden's cheeks until finally he just had to fall to the ground and contain himself before his lungs burst.

But Aiden wasn't crying because he was sad.

No, he was crying because of how hard the laughter had overtaken him. It was few and far between these days that Aiden found something to laugh about, but the sheer stupidity of it all had gotten to him.

Aiden was incredibly anxious.

And, so, because of this, he felt compelled to burst out laughing for no particular reason. It was strange how his human form had such control over him, but, as was his desire, he had taken this form willingly to scourge this world. Unfortunately, now that he had an important mission, things were different.

It seemed like only yesterday when the Arch-Demon, a messenger, had come to Aiden while he was biding his time in a pocket dimension, dwelling on this thoughts. It was rare that Aiden did this, as now he had become so attached to this world of mortals that he did not normally feel like leaving.

"Darkness Himself has tasked you, Wanderer," the demon had said, with a look of complete apathy, if not resentment, towards Aiden on his face as he threw a scroll at Aiden's feet. Scrolls were only still being used in the immortal planes because there was no reason to use anything else. And, of course, it intimidated the mortals.

The scroll had mentioned a being of great power that must be found, and...that was it. No more information was being given to Aiden. Except, of course, the threat for failure at the bottom of the scroll....

Rising from the ground of the corn field, Aiden continued on through the agriculture, wasting time and energy, thinking, and waiting for some mortal to come and demand that he stop trespassing. Now that would be fun....
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