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((To answer your question, Kyvios, you're nearly right. But it's really "Dove sono io?" for "Where am I?" in Italian. Oh, where are we at right now, in the story?))

It was a beautiful night to walk outside. Sonya Field minded her own business, listening to her Ipod with her earphones in her ears. It was good that she was taking a stroll down the sidewalk to get everything off her mind. For once--just for once-- she wanted something exciting to happen.

Suddenly, she turned to see a staright, flash of light hit the Earth from a distance. The sight was so wonderous. She had to see what that was.

The young woman ran to where "the meteor" fell. A few moments later, it turned out not to be a meteor, but a man. She gasped, and knelt beside him. "Sir? Sir, you okay?" Other people surrounded her and the man lying there on the ground.

"Dove sono?"

She couldn't understand what he was saying. But the only thing she knew was that he needed help. She turned to the peolpe around her. "Someone call an ambulance! Quick!" She looked back down at the man, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. "You're gonna be okay, sir. Don't worry."

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