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Wearily ambulating down the highway, Aiden grew tired of using his legs. But for some reason this strangely fascinated him. And it never failed. Seeing the world as humans see it was such a interesting thing, and yet, though he wasn't of this world, anything that could make him feel like he was a part of it was something that appealed to him all too much, and doubtless both the Creator and Lucifer alike would disagree with his habits. Nevertheless, he had been doing this for a very long time, and even in endless life things were still of curiosity to him.

There was one of those curiosities approaching now. A truck sped down the road, caught sight of his dragging, half-naked form, and came to a halt. The driver inside looked very oddly at him, a rugged, well-fed man, who sported a beard and a cowboy hat. A cigarette dropped out of his mouth and onto the road as he leaned out the window, likely to shout at Aiden.

"Hey buddy, wrong side of ther road! Unless yeh wanted to get noticed, I suppose. Need a lift?"

At this Aiden smirked. If he had been any deeper in thought then he likely wouldn't have treated the man with such "respect" as this. Holding out his hand and lifting the cigarette into it, he toyed with it a moment, twisting in the air, and then held it between two fingers ("Hey ther, give that back, now...!") and began to speak in his low, darkly melodious, angelic voice. The icy cold and the warm passion seemed to undulate from it, and in the midst of such tension as there now was, the voice only served to unnerve the man in the truck even more, who was obviously trying to hide his fear.

"These are very bad for you, you know."

Rolling his eyes, the man opened the door and said, "Now, you get in here, son, if you need a ride, or else you give me my cigar back and I'll be a' leavin' ya!"

With a simple breath of air the cigar grew ice cold, and as the man took it from Aiden he suddenly began to howl and hold his hands as they grew icier and icier. The man looked desperately at Aiden as his arms began to chill, and soon he was shaking almost to the point where Aiden thought he would pass out. But then, with the flick of his wrist, the man became completely warm again, and he slumped down in his chair, panting for air, and closed his eyes before looking at Aiden in relieved panic.

Slipping quickly and normally into the passenger seat of the car, Aiden shut the door and then turned to the man, gesturing for him to continue driving. As the man slowly gave in, muttering under his breath with wide eyes, Aiden began speaking once more.

"Tell me, what do you know of this place here?" He gestured to the farm slowly rolling away from the truck.

"Well, uhm, er, I dunno, sir, it's been there for a long while it has, and, erhm, uhm--"

"But have you ever seen anyone around it?" Aiden asked him quickly.

"Why, yes, sir, but no sign of 'em for at least a few days now, and--"

Looking quickly at the man, Aiden asked him, "You're sure?"

Unnerved, the man became silent, too unnerved to speak. But Aiden could see the truth in his face, and so that meant....

Opening the door, and jumping out of the slow-moving car, Aiden stood on the road and watched as the truck suddenly sped away in an emission of gas. But before it disappeared, Aiden flicked his wrist. The man would remember nothing.

Quickly drawing his hands up and to either side, his wings sprung forth from his back, dark feathers crumbling into nothing as they touched the earth, and, rising up into the air, Aiden began to soar across the night sky.

Such a rare occasion was the moment when Aiden flew, but, when he did, he enjoyed it so much that it was often hard to remember when to stop. The air, the clouds, the birds, the moon, the calm, the darkness....Aiden so loved it all. He actually had feelings for this speck of dust called Earth. Because he had no worries here on this mortal plane.

But that would all soon change.
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