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Raymond stood there completely dumbfounded as the man not only got up but began walking. The man started moving before stopping in front of a clothing store. He just stood there and looked at, like a small child would. He tried a second time at reading the man's mind. His past was still a mystery to him but now that he was moving about his present he could see much more clearly. His thoughts and his actions were far from human. He suddenly heard a voice cry out to him. He turned his head to see a woman calling him over. Raymond obeyed the command and made his way over to her. He took off his trench coat and draped it around the man's shoulders.

"You are what...?"

Raymond chuckled to himself as both the thoughts of Evie and Sonya entered his mind. He waited a few seconds before answering, however rather than say anything out loud he would communicate through his mind instead.

I'm a human being, however seeing that you survived a fall that would have killed any normal human I can safely say that you are not one.

Raymond nodded to the man before continuing.

Do not be afraid, for I as well mean you no harm. You do not need this ambulance, what I believe you're looking for is answers. Come with me and maybe I'll be able to answer your questions and you'll be able to answer mine.
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