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There was a new voice in his head, one that sounded different than the one that came from his mouth. Tihon looked at the two that looked similar but still had some differences, then realized that it couldnít possibly be them. Then his head turned towards the one that looked differently from them all, this creature facial feature stood out from them all. Tihon stood there looking at this particular creature for several moments while he listened to the food steps of the others that were in the screaming animal come towards him.

Iíll Follow, Tihon said in his head wondering if this creature would be able to hear him.

The feeling of what was thrown over his shoulders seemed softer than the other things he had most recently touched. More thoughts wondered through his head, several more questions he didnít entirely understand. There was a slight race through his heart as if his nerves started to become more tense, as if he himself was starting to feel the feelings of others around him. All Tihon knew for certain is that he wanted to get to a more secluded, or more quiet area.

Then out of all the background noises around him, there was a soft grumble noise that vibrated through his stomach. Looking down, placing his hands upon his stomach it made the noise again. Almost like an untamed animal warning off predators of its territory.

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