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Nope, that's as good as it gets, shadow-wise. This is, after all, a 1998-vintage game. Expect crap shadows. And there's no way (I know of, and I've read the LucasHacks article more than once) to turn of the shadows. Turn off model shading, yes; shadows, no.
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Are you sure
this player have no shadow at all, wonder how he did
but i saw another youtube wallktrough where it looked similar to me

otherwise i can conclude that having as low as 2 AA will cause Manny to dissapear in both my nvidia and ati card, stil i have heard of people being able to have AA activated in Grim, perhaps there is a chance i could be one of thoose when i install the new motherboard thou, or its simply choosing the right graphic card modell,and i was unlucky with my 2 in this case
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