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It was Friday night, 10:00 P.M., and now there were disturbing images in Aiden's head. Something had just recently happened, for the images had started but a few hours ago. He could not tell what they meant, but he knew that they were connected to his unholy mission. Deciphering them was the impossibility here, for so many different emotions were clouding the event that the only way Aiden could figure out what they were was if he was actually there. His mission would have to continue.

But not tonight. Aiden was depressed again. For a Dark Angel one might not think this too rare, but then again, what exactly did he have to be sad about? He had the entire world at his fingertips--but only the tips.

Whatever power there was to be had here Aiden had already taken advantage of. This world was pleasurable in some ways, but, he could not help but feel the things missing in his life. Every night, he would stare at the landscape and think about how the humans might destroy it all. The beautiful night sky may one day be taken by their ships. And the people here--they all had something to do. But what did Aiden have to do, except those orders that were given to him by the Destroyer?

Wandering into a bar, as this was the time of night that people really began pouring in here, Aiden had a strange need for noise and commotion. The snow outside had depressed him yet even more, and bars were exactly the kind of dark places that Aiden really enjoyed. But that enjoyment really wasn't very much, in the grand scheme of things.

Leaning against the door rail and entering, he was almost completely unnoticed. To the right of him was the bar and stools, and to the left many tables, and a lounge was off even farther than that, for those who smoked. It was a rather boring place tonight, for reasons unknown. Perhaps tonight he could just be at sorrowful peace.

However, his invisibility soon wore off any thoughts of that idea. The barkeeper, upon seeing him, immediately yelled and pointed. Aiden retaliated by glaring at the man, who was just retrieving his shotgun. What he had done now?

The barkeeper looked very familiar....

"Get outta her,!"

Escaping out of the bar, Aiden quickly snapped his fingers at the barkeep. No one in the room would recall the word "demon."

But how had the barkeep remembered him? Why were his powers suddenly not working?

Strange....the thought only made him more depressed. And, as he ran from the bar, he heard one last cry of "demon!" If only they actually knew....


Depressed at his powers not working, which he considered might even be the reason for their not working in the first place, Aiden wandered down the empty street until he heard music. To his left was a nightclub, and the bass of the techno beat could be heard down the block, at least.

Ocassionally people would wander in, looking at Aiden just standing there.

So this is where all the people are, he thought, now noticing the sign on the front door, "Tonight 50% off!" Immediately producing some cash, Aiden walked up the front door and gave the man there the money. The man tried hard to smile, but looked afraid at the same time, and there was also a bit of confusion in his eyes. Aiden quickly realized what he looked like and with a single snap, his wings were gone, and he was wearing a black shirt and leather jacket. Aiden smiled, and the man seemed to cheer right up.

Humans were so easily manipulated.

But better could they manipulate....

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