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"Evalyn. We're going to be late for dinner! My wife is going to kill me if I'm late one more time. Lets go! Your on vacation remember?"

Evie shot her brother a glare as he handed her cell phone to her. She quickly pocketed it and shooed her brother away.

"I'm involved now. I'll make sure he gets taken care of. Go on and I'll catch a cab." He shrugged as if he'd already guessed what she would say. He eagerly sprinted off towards his car.

What was taking those EMT's so long? Just as she thought to check, the sound of sirens caught her attention. She turned and watched as four black cars with flashing lights in the front of their grills pulled up beside the ambulance. Men in tidy suits exited the cars and intercepted the emergency transport. A few of them immediately started to question the crowd and she watched as the young girl who had just given up her lunch pointed a small hand in her direction, or rather in the direction of the man now holding her sack lunch. They instantly moved towards him and a sudden instinct to shelter him from any more grief caused her to act.

Without a word she put a hand on the shoulder of the girl also assisting with the poor naked man. She gave a quick flick with her head towards the men in suits so that she wouldn't be caught off guard. Giving her an encouraging little push, just a tiny one, she hoped the girl would get the idea and act as a sort of guard. Evie took point, narrowing her gaze into a scowl as the men made it to them holding up badges with a insignia she didn't recognize as any local police.

"EXCUSE ME! Officers, this man needs medical attention and your standing in the way of the EMT's and I don't think this will look good when..."

One of them cut her off.

"Ma'am, step aside now." He commanded.

Evie's glare burned against his. "YOU step aside! This man is most certainly traumatized enough without you grilling him about the explosion, or whatever happened to him. Can't you just let the ambulance do their jobs and then question him after a doctor has looked after him?"

The second man retorted sarcastically. "He doesn't look injured..."

There went her shred of patience. She lifted a finger and pointed behind her.

"HE! has been through god knows what and YOU.." She pointed the finger back at the men but was unable to finish her sentence. The first man caught her forearm twisting it, forcing it behind her back so that she was facing the other direction. She struggled and began to cuss.

"What the hell?! Get your hands off me!"

Suddenly it seemed they were all surrounded by men in suits, the crowd had backed up quite a bit except the ones who had all tried to communicate with the strangely alien man. The one holding Evie pulled her away even as she fought to escape. What the hell was going on. Something was striking her as oddly familiar, like a movie or comic book. Something was not right in Kansas.

"Get him out of here! Get away! RUN!"

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