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Raymond nodded a second time as he heard his response. He was about to move when he saw four black cars arrive on the scene. Men in suits rushed out of the cars and were making their way over to this mysterious man. He could tell these people knew something as well. He watched as one of the men took the woman away who attempted to help. The other took a defensive stance. a group of four against highly trained officers would not go well in their favor. He looked to the four cars once more and than back to the group. Feeling a bit reluctant at first he decided to help the other woman. He turned his head over and concentrated on the man's mind. In a matter of seconds the man was now his mind puppet. The man released his grip on the woman and backed away. He then looked to the crowd of people and a second idea popped into his head. He took a large breath before focusing on everyone in the group. He projected images in their head of a fire and soon the people began running around. That many people was enough to make Raymond fall to his knees. He picked himself up and looked at the two women and the man. He rubbed his forehead and sent another message with his mind to the three.

We must move quickly! If any of you have some sort of mode of transportation now would be a good time to get it.
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