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My nephew is engrossed with CoDMW2 and is thinking of joining a clan. I recalled my days with 435 and did a google search to see if my ilk branched out to CoD (apparently not.)

Yeah, my 435 days were very memorable and I wonder what my mentors are doing now. exaltedone taught me how to scout and, even though I never beat him, I did the whole scout thing well enough to compete with the likes of DIK, nEw, JOTS... Frank was so good with scouting that he redefined the rules regarding scouts (i.e. disallowing Team 4 groupings because the player icon during force sight is the same color as the map outline.)

After MOTS lost its appeal, I moved on to flight sims to coincide with my pursuit of 12N afsc, but that didn't quite pan out due to USAF's requirements.

Looking at this thread, I recognize some of the DIK and GQ screennames on here. Nice to see you guys still alive and well.
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