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Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
Warning: spoiler-heavy post for chunks of the EU.

IIRC, it's meant to be the Emperor at the end of the GHW. I don't think it can be Sadow - he goes to Yavin IV, and is awoken and then killed by Freedon Nadd, IIRC. Kressh is entombed on Korriban, as we know, so it must be a new character, from what I can tell.
Here be the relevant article for all to read:

Originally Posted by Kyp Dooran View Post
The lead writer confirmed the emperor isn't Naga Sadow.

@GTA:SWcity that makes me think they may do something like WoW, flashbacks (quest chain), or the Caverns of Time (basically lets you go back in time to see the major battles of WoW lore, and is a main raid instance).

You mean sorta like what Silveredge9 did in BHOS:SR?
...If not, do you have any relevant article to link up so I can get a better idea? (I never played WoW)

I think I get what you're essentially saying, though. Like maybe through visions in the force?
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