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You mean sorta like what Silveredge9 did in BHOS:SR?
...If not, do you have any relevant article to link up so I can get a better idea? (I never played WoW)

I think I get what you're essentially saying, though. Like maybe through visions in the force?
They can mask the flashbacks as "footprints in the force" or whatever, but in WoW, you fought big bad lore bosses in "instances." Essentially, dungeons. One such area of WoW, was named the Caverns of Time, where some dragons watched over the past, to make sure no tamperement occured. One of the main villians, akin to Revan, corrupted, blablabla, was a pretty interesting character people wanted to be involved in. So they made a reason for the character to see the past through the eyes of a ghost, playing as this now big bad corrupted guy.

So I was basically saying, if BW wanted to go beyond journals and create something interactive or fun out of Revan's fate. Perhaps you can witness his travels in a quest chain by finding these "footprints" in the Force, or even play as him in the vision. Or, mimic WoW in having a "Caverns of Time," type area, perhaps an area with an immense amount of unstable force energy, that it stretches time or some such other explanation. That allows them to make whole dungeons dedicated on past events like the Mandalorian Wars and such.
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