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Technically the rebels were terrorists they created violent crimes against the ruling body to prove a point and by doing so advance their own agenda which as we know is ultimately the destruction of the empire.

Truthfully their assault on teh death star can be likened to al-queda attack on september 11 2001 against America were al-queda is the rebellion, though dispicable and evil, and the US is the empire, though awesome and by far in my opinion teh best country i nthe world.

Just because the galactic populous seeems to have gone along with the rebellion for the most part doesn't mean they weren't by all intents and prposes terrorists, EAW did a good job of illustrating this. How many times did you invade a planet loyal to the empire and have to gun down civilians and destroy civilian complexes as to not allow them to interfer with your travel route and harass your units?
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