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Originally Posted by twk4858 View Post
Heheh. Looks likes, and the name of the image implies that it's snowing. All you need to do is apply a bunch of snowcaps to the other objects and put up a christmas tree!
Thanks, twk. I think it's just a lighter floor texture that's showing slightly too brightly. I will be doing a proper snow texture for the floor and the rooftops later, though.

Happy holidays.

Same to you!

Small updates today. First, I've done some preliminary skinning on the Sword of Gith. It's by no means complete, and the hilt in particular needs a lot of work, but I reckon it's worth showing, nonetheless:

Also, I've replaced that floor texture with a new one on the Landing Pad. I will eventually replace both with a more snow-covered one, as well as putting more snow on the rooftops, etc, but for now, this will do:

And for the sake of comparison, a picture of how it used to look:

This one must be from about 2006, though annoyingly, Photobucket doesn't record upload details. It appears in a post from December 12th 2006 on page 1 of this thread (!), though, so it must be from around then. I like to think the new texture is quite an improvement, but perhaps my tastes have just changed.

Crits, suggestions and comments on both of these updates are, as always, more than welcome.

Finally, I leave you with some previews of the Exile's upcoming interpretive dance performance on Korriban:

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