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[Debate] Starkiller alive?

I know some have been throwing in their ideas in other threads about how Starkiller could have survived, but I thought we should have a thread to actually debate the matter.

So what do you think? Was he actually still alive some how? Did he use some sort of ancient Force Power(essence transfer), or perhaps a new found power? What if Vader lied about him being dead, used the force to conceal his life through the force, and salvaged him once again?

I think Vader could have been masking Starkiller's life from the emperor so that he could try his hand again at claiming the Mantle of Dark Lord. Vader's quotes from the new game trailer maybe some what of a hint.

I'd like to also share that on wookiepedia there has been a small discussion that Starkiller is in fact dead, and the place we see him in in the trailer is the Netherworld.
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