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Tihon looked at the brown slightly wrinkled thing the first creature was holding. It made noises as the first creature handled the thing the smaller one handed to it. It was an interesting thing these creatures were displaying towards him, it was something he wanted to know more about. As the giant screaming creature aproached the area of massed gathered beings it was followed by several other slightly smaller darker creatures. Tihon wasn't sure what he should make of it, all the events that were pouring themselves out to him already were difficult enough to understand, but now something different was happening.

Other creatures more mysterious looking came out all looking similar it was hard to tell them apart. What Tihon found interesting enough however is that the dark large creatures seemed to just spit them out like it was nothing. The similar creatures approached Tihon and the ones trying to help him, or what he figured were gestures of helpfulness. The third creature he met said something that one of the similar looking creatures didn't like. It grabbed the one trying to help in what seemed out of some act of rage. Then suddenly the creature let go and started doing something strange, then the mass of creatures from before started running in some sort of panic.

All these events started to take its toll on Tihon's mind. IT was taking a toll not only on him but on the one that looked greatly different then all the other creatures. As the creature regained it's feet the voice from earlier spoke. Tihon stood there in silence not certain of what was happening. All he could do was stand there in wonder and amazment as he watched things unfold.

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