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Originally Posted by Achilles
My problem is that this...

GTA's Quote:
There are people who are not religious that believe in God, and I'd say God is not necessarily a religious concept. a contradiction (at least so far as any standard definition for the word "religious" goes). Either GTA has invented his/her own definition for the word "religious" (which I've simply asked him/her to define for us so that we can make sense of the argument) or he/she is, in fact, putting forth a contradiction

Hmmm, well let's take a little looksie in "Oxford's Dictionary and Thesaurus" and see how it defines it........

religious 1. devoted to religion; pious; devout. 2. of or concerned with religion. 3. of or belonging to a monastic order. 4. scrupulous; conscientious ( a religious attention to detail). 5. a person bound by monastic vows. religiously or religiousness

(other words): churchgoing, God-fearing, holy, exact, precise, conscientious, rigorous, strict, fastidious, meticulous, faithful, punctilious.

Well seems to me like a whole different meaning than what your talking about Achilles. And if I understand this correctly, the definition itself leans more towards the worship and paying homage to the entity or god, etc..... totally different from just acknowledging any god's existence.

Anyway, I just can't see any contradiction in GTA's statement like your saying. Because he's just talking about believing, and only believing, in a supernal entity and not worshiping it or going to church in a faithful religious fashion like most people.

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