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Originally Posted by Hermie View Post
Title: Another crappy day

Dear LJ, this day totally sucked. My parents still doesn't understand me, and all those stupid jerks at school keeps bullying me to make up for their tiny penises. I wish they would all go and die. :'(

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Hermie, hit them hard.
I don't really understand what you mean by saying 'to make up for...', but still, don't let yourself be treated down. It'll all start over each day and if you don't act, worse things may happen. (I most likely fear suicide) If you don't want to fight them, then find something to unleash your aggression to,

I got bullied for a short time. And by that, I mean that I kept the time they bullied me short, thanks to my brass knuckles under my gloves . Heck, I'm the only Star Wars Geek who knows how to fight at school lol.

As for the parents. I suggest you talk with them. Maybe it'll lighten your burden a little bit.

And a bad thing that happened to me? Hmm, let me think:
Fighting competition: I did Tibia against Tibia with a guy twice my weight
Result: Couldn't walk properly for a week
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