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They had walked for nearly an hour or so, and had wandered around some crowded and noisy streets, and had passed by some very interesting landmarks. But neither of them had been paying attention. They were both freezing as the snow poured down, and didn't even think about it. Once Aiden had nearly stepped into the road and she had to stop him from getting run over (not that it would have made a difference to a dark angel). It was an hour before midnight, and, finally, as she told her last funny story and Aiden stopped laughing, they both stopped on the end of the sidewalk, and Aiden came to a strange realization that for the past sixty minutes he had been locked into this strange trance by a human female--and he had not realized it now until he stood there, staring into her eyes.

It did not matter what he was, nor what she was. He was in love.

And it was at that inconvenient moment that the images started screaming through Aiden's mind. Images of angels, of meteors, of war and of Lucifer's wrath. Something was happening, something was happening at this very moment, and it was important.

And, yet, the importance died away quickly when she suddenly reached up and touched his face.

"It's like you're an angel," she said to him.

Inwardly cringing, Aiden said, "A dark angel, I guess."

But something stopped him from saying anything more. And as a rush of wind hit Aiden, something that Aiden had never experienced since--since a very, very long time ago--disabled him.

It was fear.

He was not of this world, he was on a mission to find something (or someone), and now he had suddenly fallen in love with a human and had nowhere to go for help. He could only run.

And so, the sweat beginning to run down his face, he began to look frantically around. She was utterly confused at this.

The images again poured into Aiden's mind. Strange things were afoot, and he was missing them. He had to figure out what was going on.

Breaking into a run, he headed for the only place he knew where he could find out anything at all--the library.

Into the old-fashioned stone building he ran, she following him, and through the wooden doors, he went as fast as he could without getting strange looks towards the nearest computer. The woman that almost stopped him was suddenly ignorant of his rule-breaking with a snap of his fingers, and within moments he was looking for the nearest source of news that he could find.

There it was--a news report. A meteor had fallen in--Nevada. Nevada? He had to get to Nevada?

A hand touched his shoulder. Gentle, but firm. Warm, yet disturbing.

"What's gotten into you? We share a moment and then you just--take off."

"Why did you follow me?"

"Because--" her voice broke off, and, her eyes wandering slightly, she quickly covered it up. Aiden, for once, did not notice, for he was frantically pondering on this new information. "Because something looked seriously wrong."

Walking past her, he ran outside into the cold storm and bolted down an alley. His jacket and shirt disappearing in wisps of black smoke, his wings bursting from his back, he looked over his shoulder--

She wasn't there.

Aching in his heart, Aiden shot into the sky, afraid and crushed in a matter of a few hours, but determined to fulfill his mission....

So that this eternal war could be finished once and for all.
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