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Making it possible to play Somi, with new speech. ie Somi the Talkie Version.
and To the Somi Se team for providing the voices, and making this possible.
after all no data, = no byte change. = nothing to work with.

Originally Posted by xone View Post
Well.. Isn't too hard to compile this project but you need read whole thread carefully. Sometimes you need search for needed tools using google.

OK. Here is what I have done (if I shouldn't write this all step-by-step instruction, moderator please delete this post).

0 ) YOU NEED TO BUY Your own copy of The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition!
1 ) After install you need get MI CD files that are inside SE version. Extract
Monkey1.pak and get classic/en/monkey1.* (tool to extract:
2 ) Extract audio\MusicOriginal.xwb (tool to extract:
3 ) Now convert xma files to wav (tool to convert
4 ) Convert WAV files to MP3/OGG/FLAC. Rename them starting track1.*
5 ) Extract audio\Speech.xwb (tool above)
6 ) Convert WAV files to MP3 (OGG or FLAC are not supported yet).
7 ) Now You need patch Your Monkey files that you extracted - You should backup files then you will have
original files if you fail (here is patch
8 ) After patching extract scumm script with command scummtr -cw -g monkeycdalt -of mi1.txt -h -H (the tool:
9 ) Now if you have all MP3 files and mi1.txt in one folder you can make monster.so3 and mi1new.txt (here is the tool:
10) Now compile scumm script into the game files with command scummtr -cw -g monkeycdalt -if mi1new.txt -H
11) Monkey files (Monkey1.000 and Monkey1.001) copy with all 24 tracks and Monsetr.so3 to the same directory and use
ScummVM to play..
12) Enjoy and say Thanks to the authors!

Thank you jott, LogicDeLuxe, cocomonk22 and all other hard working on this project!

**PS. dialog splitter included in cocomonk22's patch now!
PS2. Using all steps described above I can play with speeches but sometimes there is no voices or voices are messed.
Can I correct it manually?
**= Just another little update/review.

Originally Posted by ronzbig1 View Post
I've made simple installer - you just have to choose game folder, and press enter in few moments -
**Installer extract new files to -> MISE\audio\classdub <- folder with patched game
**Installer renames/REorders your extracted MusicOriginal.xwb music files also. and compress to mp3.

PN: The installer does delete
del mi1.txt
del mi1new.txt
del missing.txt
Which does not help with the updating of the mapping.txt, other then that, it checks files via MD5.exe which is great.

If someone could update the first page with all the tool updates for this project, that would be great!.
Excellent works guys!

--Just one thing, on the updating, Monster.So3
Read 4573 entries from
Read 7463 lines from mi1.txt, 2483 lines have no matching entry.
Could not find SLP_71_gh-room_9_1.mp3
Wrote 4522 samples to monster.so3.

Nothing added so far!. WIP.

cocomonk22 Patch tool -: updates monkey1.001 and monkey1.000
jott's Mkspeech tool -: updates monkey1.001 and monkey1.000
how I have come to understand it, is that, if you, Process the patch tool first

Code 1 sample
PN: Bspatch is now updated with no need for BZIP2.EXE anymore.

then back up the new Monkey1.000 and Monkey1.001 to a new folder. then process....

Code 2 sample
 scummtr -cw -g monkeycdalt -of mi1.txt -h -H
 scummtr -cw -g monkeycdalt -if mi1new.txt -H
which create your Monster.so3 file. Then if I add to mapping.txt, it wont let me add anymore samples, because the Monkey1 files have already been updated to something,
So if you run ref 'Code 2 sample' again it wont write any samples and the Monster.so3 file goes to 1kb only.

so until a fix is made for this, I recommend, to copy the patch backup files in folder,
and overwrite them with the new ones, ie. Monkey1.001 and Monkey1.000,
then if you run, code 2 sample again it works, with the mapping added to it.

Big thanks to jott, LogicDeLuxe, cocomonk22 for all your great work.
and thank you to ronzbig1 for making the installer.

PS. I hope one of the testers have been working on the mapping.txt.
I think it usefull to upload your mapping.txt files, and compare and merge. This Fine tuning work should be done soon.
Then post for a final patch to be done with all files needed to be included.

Perhaps one of you guys might want to tackle the bug '0.00- km' in Xcom Interceptor next!, just a thought!.

Originally Posted by xone View Post
I have looking for that sentence inside missing.txt and I've found:
MISS : "Hey, don't forget we're short on help because of this whole LeChuck thing." - add 1229,0=sampleno
So I have add to mapping.txt:
where y is sample number, but how can I check what sample number is PL3_28_bar_48_4.mp3 ??

OK. I've found speech tool on helicoid server (jott's server I guess), so I have samples order..
What?? I must be missing something here,
So, just what did you find out, How do you get the 'Sampleno'.
if you know the filename (ie GUY_30_store_5_1.mp3 for below) and found entry in missing.txt,
How do you know the x,y=sampleno
Someone please clarify.

MISS : "\xFF\x0A\xFB\x04\xFF\x0A\x00\x00\xFF\x0A\x0A\x00\xFF\x0A\x00\x00"Davey Jones\x0F Lockers:\xFF\x01The last word in theft-, fire-, and grog-resistant storage devices."" - add 1744,0=sampleno
Location: Store in town
Char: Safe in store

**It has been mentioned that a x,y=-2 value of Sampleno = disable, thou not tested!

Its easy..err..ier when mkspeech has already filled in the Sampleno for you Like in these examples.

*** both of these, only example what to do if mkspeech has already filled in
'Sampleno' for you. but how do you do it if its not filled in(x,y=Sampleno)??

I've run into a problem, with sampleno filled in by mkspeech
I add the line to mapping.txt, but it gets said in the wrong order, Guy=man and man=Guy and I tryed to swap them around in mapping.txt but alas, no joy.

MULTI: "Nice talking to you.", room (79) and interaction_index (91) matches - add  4672,0=2914 for sample GUY_79_cu-bar-1_9_1
MULTI: "Nice talking to you.", room (79) and interaction_index (91) matches - add  4672,0=2969 for sample MAN_79_cu-bar-1_22_3
they are both valid, because, Man says it, and then Guy after, im using the first name of file. althou It should be the other way around.

Location: Scumm_Bar
Char: First pirate by the door
talk and exit.

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