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Originally Posted by Ztalker View Post
And a netherworld definitely doesn't look like an Arena.
Also, it would be a sucky game if you know you're dead with no way of return. Bit of anti-climactic.
Good Point

I think its either Vader like you said yourself.
However, it wouldn't explain why he's fighting in an (not Imperial controlled) Arena. Every Jedi would be shot on sight under Palpatine's or Vader's command. And since it's obviously a continuation of the LS ending, Marek IS a Jedi.
It could be on a planet that the Empire would not bother going to. If you were Palpatine would you want a arena fighting Jedi dead, or would you leave him alone thinking that eventually his fate will come?

I hope it's set at 12 aby or something. With 14-15 years passed since the last one. Marek would be early 30's and Luke would be searching every corner of the galaxy for Jedi students after the 'second' death of Palpatine. Maybe Marek can help Luke before Luke starts training Corran Horn and Kyle Katarn? Marek can die/disappear before that and re-emerge in the Vong War for a TFU3.
How else can they entwine this into the already crowded EU from 20bby-0bby?
It was already stated at the announcement that TFU2 will still be between Episodes 3 and 4.
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