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I came here to see if anyone had already made any mods, when I found out no one had and I could'nt find any mods online, I decided to make them myself.

The ole saying, "If you want something done, do it yourself".

I will make them available sometime later, I need to do some clean up, I'm a bit of a perfectionist.

These buttons will just be for the main buttons, not for R1 and such, since they can be remapped for your needs, but the default keys match the buttons on the gamepad perfectly.

Hopefully I won't be the only person to make mods. I was really hoping the modding community would be salavating for the release on PC, but I guess they got caught up
Call of Duty or some other game that was recently released.

I used to do mods for Jedi Academy and Outcast, that mod comm really got involved.
Sad to see no one does this anymore.

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