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Landing under an overpass, the night black as tar, Aiden sat down, wings blocking out the moonlight. He stared at the road, where cars were busily passing to wherever they mundane lives might take them. The stars shown like icy daggers in his heart this night, and he finally broke his gaze away from them, searching the area around him. Then, getting up, he resolved his next course of action in his mind. He walked along the road, away from town, and in the direction of the headlights in the sky. The airport.

So far he had managed to avoid any thoughts about his strange encounter not too long ago. It was unlike him to exhibit such emotions towards any human before, but it had happened, nonetheless. And now he was going to have to leave her. Regardless, it did not matter. Perhaps he could return--

No, when either side won this war, the other would be led into subjugation, and then they would have free reign over the Earth. It was a strange feeling that everything he was doing was useless in the end, but if he lost, then his life would mean nothing anymore.

Walking for another half hour, Aiden finally managed to "persuade" someone to give him a ride, and, after getting out in the airport parking lot (making sure to give himself some clothing once more, of course), he headed straight for the most expensive plane that he could find. Having booked a flight to Nevada for tomorrow morning, he sat down in the busy lobby and prepared himself for a night of sleep.

But that was certainly not going to happen....
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