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Well now I'm having some problems, Im not sure if I should post here or make a new thread. So bare with me.

When I got This computer all put together and tried to start it up the first time, the power supply and the CPU fan started. But the screen stayed blank and it issued 9 beeps. Then it would be quiet, then 9 more, quiet 9 more etc. I've been trying to figure it out all night with no luck. The manual says 1 long with 9 short beeps is a BIOS ROM error. But it was 9 long beeps. and the book doesn't give me any help on it.

I have both my HDD and my CD drive on the same IDE since there is only one connector. Idk if that makes a difference or not.

I'm almost positive I have it all hooked up right. there isn't any question on where to put everything its all pretty straight forward. So I'm lost and really want the first computer I try to build to work

Soo.... Please help me!

Thanks in advance for any help. I know I'm in good hands with the people here

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