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((Hey Cyborg, please forgive me for what I'm about to do ))

Baldur chained the Vampire to the walling of the van, while Darius told the story of his first mission. "He talks too much..." he muttered irratably under his breath.

So far, nothing appeared out of the ordinary. Nobody at least tried to follow - even if they did, the van itself was completely bullet proof against automatic weaponry and even fire resistant. The Van was also heavily well guarded before it arived on the scene, so there was very little chance somebody had planted a bug or even an explosive. These things had to be taken into account - it comes with working as an agent.

"So where are we going anyway?"

The ignition of the van had started, and they were already moving. Baldur stepped towards Darius, who had taken a seat. Baldur exchanged a smirk.

"Far, far away..." he clenched his fist. "No hard feelings, but I'm afraid you're far from gaining our trust to allow you to know where our base is. Therefor, I apoligise for what I'm about to do to you."

Baldur landed a punch against Darius' head to knock him unconcious. "You talk too much anyway. Goodnight Merc." he sat next to Darius, and stared at Mara. He pulled out a large black sock, and tossed it to her. "Wear that over your head. We cannot afford to allow anybody to learn of our wherabouts - standard rules and regulations."
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