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((Note to everyone: Darius's dream is about to get crazy...I suggest listening to Living in the Sunlight by Tiny Tim while reading the dream...that's what I did))

Darius woke suddenly in a bright green field. He looked up to see the sun pull out a hat and cane. The smiling sun began to dance which startled Darius greatly. Darius was about to speak when the trees pulled themselves out of the roots and danced as well. Darius backed up only to be cornered by a small group of rabbits.

"Okay now I know I'm in a Disney musical number"

"Join us'll be fun!"

Darius shrugged and started dancing with a giant candy cane person. He dove into the chocolate syrup river and ran through the gumdrop fields.

Back in the Real World

Darius rose to a sitting position and stared forward. With the mask on he looked like he was up however he was still out cold. Darius had a sleeping problem which caused him to talk in his sleep.

"Hooray...Ice cream for everybody...except you Mr. Sun you'll just melt it." he said in a drowsy voice.
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