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A good reason to believe in the Christian god:

Everything in our known universe has an end and a beginning. Stars are born, and stars are destroyed. You cannot create something, without destroying something else. There is something missing that physics cannot explain. If everything had a beginning, and you cannot create something without destroying something else, how did the universe come to be?

But this in no way proves a Christian god exists... it only proves there is a source of all things.

The only way to prove that a Christian god exists is to read and understand the Bible. What the Bible does better than any other religious book is take real things that can be proven historically, and ties them in with the unknown, things that cannot be proven with secular sources. It creates an interpretation of the purpose of humanity, and it actually makes sense. It covers all bases, there is nothing happening now days, there is nothing that cannot be explained with the Bible.

And btw, what the Bible says is NOT always in agreement with what your preacher says at your church. The irony is that when the bible is speaking of "false religion" it is not always referring to non-Christian. Church is a business/ social gathering.

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