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(Just a note: I was kidding about Nadd. Poking fun at my ajunta pall stuff)
Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Didn't Ajunta Pall have his own tomb? The one across Sadow's IIRC correctly...
Oh well...

Still, If the storyline is to make much sense, at all:
The Sith might have known about the Star Forge, but were not able to access it/find it. The more I look at this and how the ruins on Dantooine were sealed off (by the Jedi?), the more it looks like the struggle for the Star Forge might have been a very old one. Would it be likely that the great hyperspace war was partially about a vie for power to re-discover the Star Forge? Certainly sounds like an issue that warranted such wars.

I cannot think of any good reason that the Sith would have just let go of an artifact like the star forge if they really did have it in their possession.

1) there is a gang of all this great horrible sith stuff lurking in the shadows and
2) somehow they have stuff more powerful than the star forge

then would that not imply a major incompetence in the long run?
Oh sure they'd (the sith would have) been preparing for war for a thousand+ years and brought war to the galaxy for <3,000 years until the seventh battle of Ruusan (by then which all that original sith empire would have died out). Still, it just sounds like vague EU filler story even with the good math.
1) Doesn't have to be true
2) Doesn't have to be more powerful

Here's how: The Star Forge feeds off it's users. It gives power, but requires Force power as well (I think Malak was the one who mentioned it, or maybe the computer in the temple or the elders camp maybe even one of the elders... SOMEBODY MENTIONED IT). Now being the live loving Sith Emperor he is, he wouldn't want to risk giving up his Force power. Seeing as how the map was in Sadows tomb, perhaps he was the first to travel to all of the maps to discover it's location. He may have even waited for someone to come by(hey if you can live for over a thousand years, what's a few years?).

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