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Originally Posted by Dark Jedi Han View Post
1. The bible is global. E.g: Someone can say "do something good". You can help people, or you can kill a cruel dictator, but killing is against the rules. It's the same with the bible, a "normal" believer can understand something in another way than a radical believer.
I think our language barrier is making this a little difficult for me to interpret. When you say "the bible is global", do you mean "universal" (in that the concepts espoused in the bible are found in other moral teachings as well)?

If so, then I would probably say that I agree. The problem is that religious texts tend to be incredibly inconsistent. Per your own example of "killing being against the rules" both the bible and qu'ran promote non-violence on one hand and extreme violence with the other.

A simple study of moral philosophy will tell you that murder is wrong but that killing is sometimes justified (i.e. self-defense, cruel dictators, etc). If we can come to these conclusions via a means that does not require any unnecessary baggage, why subscribe to the option with tons of it (i.e. religion)?

Originally Posted by Dark Jedi Han View Post
2. The purpose of humanity is different to every single being. What's the purpose of a dog? A fly? Dinosaurs? Aren't they created and destroyed by the same god?
The first part of this seems to acknowledge that there is no inherent purpose (a position I support), however the latter parts appear contradictory to this. If living things have no "purpose" (outside of their utility in the ecosystem), then why even ask the question?

Originally Posted by Dark Jedi Han View Post
3. Historical truth? Prove me Jesus walked on the water. Prove me YOU can walk on water, heal dying people, ... . These are "parabels (idk the English name, only Dutch)". They didn't happen litterally, they are here to make people think. And miracles are "Parabels in action"
Does this apply to muhammed and the winged horse as well? This question is largely rhetorical, however if you do opt to answer, please be sure to clarify whether you are speaking for yourself or all muslims.

Originally Posted by Dark Jedi Han View Post
4. "The Kingdom of God is all around us."
Means that no church or such things are needed, but the Vatican tries to convince us otherwise, because if this is the truth, then the Vatican will be destroyed.
Which implies the premise itself is correct.

And for what it's worth, catholicism is not the only religious faction with an established hierarchy.

Originally Posted by Dark Jedi Han View Post
And sorry if you don't really understand what I say, my English isn't very good afterall.
Your English is quite good.
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