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Originally Posted by Dark Jedi Han View Post
With the bible being global, I mean very open, general, like one phrase can have different meanings, or people can interpret it differently (like the example of killing).
First, thanks for clarifying.

Second, in that case, how is the bible different for any other holy book? Are you putting forth the argument that the qur'an isn't equally open to interpretation?

Food for thought:

Is this islam?

Or is this? Who decides?

Originally Posted by Dark Jedi Han View Post
With the human purpose, I couldn't explain it well, I meant that it's different for everything. Like you said, the ecological system, but the purpose of two dogs can be different: You have (mostly) dogs who obey, guard, ... others are made to guide blind people. There's a big difference between a chiwawa and a mastiff or pitbull. Everything has a different purpose.
At the risk of attacking the analogy rather than the argument: dogs are intentionally bred for specific purposes. The range of dog breeds we see today did not evolve by natural selection, rather by artificial selection (carried out by humans). This fact is why I intentionally geared my rebuttal toward inherent purpose. My position is that nothing has an inherent purpose within the context of how we typically discuss "purpose" (hence the caveat about ecological utility). Obviously, I'm open to opposing viewpoints, but the argument would have to be pretty persuasive.

Originally Posted by Dark Jedi Han View Post
I myself can't explain the winged horse. Maybe it was an illusion, maybe Gabriel was hiding behide the horse? I don't know, but if you compare the bible to the qur'an, you'ld admit that the bible has more unlikely miracles than the qur'an.
hehe, I'd tend to think that this is a function of word count more than anything else

Joking aside, I think we still end up at the conclusion that both religions have holy books which make unsubstantiated claims of a fantastic nature. Which one is "guilty" of doing it "more" seems irrelevant to the discussion when the topic is veracity. My 2 cents.

Originally Posted by Dark Jedi Han View Post
One of the things I didn't really understand. Can you please explain that ?
I'd be happy to.

The mormon church is another example of a religious sect with internal hierarchy. In catholicism, the guy with hotline to god is the pope. In mormonism, it's the prophet. And so on.

Obviously not all religious groups are so rigidly structured, but I only sought to point out that catholics aren't the only group with this practice.

Originally Posted by Dark Jedi Han View Post
And thanks for the compliment
You're welcome
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