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Revan 27
Carth 44
Bastila 24
Mission 14 (obviously )
Zaalbar 57 (Wookiees have something like a 350 year lifespan IIRC, Chewbacca was 297 in ANH)
Canderous 45
T3-M4 brand new
HK-47 7
Jolee 63
Juhani 28

Freyyer 156
Chuundar 67
Master Vandar: 350 something (just didn't seem quite as old or wise as Yoda did for his time)
Master Zhar 66 (I figure twi'leks are longer lived with a longer physical prime)
Master Dorak: 51
Master Vrook 63
That one Jedi that Juhani was ...close with ~24
Leena 25
Griff 21
Sunry 58
Sunry's wife 56
Helena Shan 49
Calo Nord 41
Davik 65
Jagi 39
Saul Karath 51
Yuthura Ban 32
Sith Academy leader 51
Sith hermit 70
Darth Bandon 25
Darth Malak 28

Exile 32
Atton 30
Kreia 78-ish (had to be late 70's, b/c she was older than Jolee)
Bao Dur 28
Brianna 30
Mira 26
Disciple 27
G0-T0 guessing maybe 20-30 years
HK, and T3 just add 5 years
Mandalore 50
Visas 27
Hanhar 83

Lt. Dol Grenn 48
Carth and Basty add 5 years
Dopak late twenties to Early thirties
Azkul 42
Admiral Cede 55
Darth Nihilus 35 (totally arbitrary but what little remained of the mind seemed to resemble that of a power hungry but fairly young person, and I don't believe he had been a sith very long, maybe ~10 years max)
Darth Sion 64 {he had been recruited some 40+ years earlier as a Sith Marauder in Exar Kun's army--look it up as that is sourced (which I will cover in my fanfic if I ever finish it! I figure as a young man in his early twenties he turned to the dark side).}
Master Vrook add 5
Master Zez Kai-Ell ~ mid 50's (acts as though younger, but fights as though older: Skilled but little stamina)
Kavar 38
Vash 41 at death

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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