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The 2nd picture is what Islam most likely is, the first one is people I would ignore, because in my eyes, they completely missunderstood the Islam (I'm telling you, I would love to go back to the 12th century. There, WE were much more noble IMO). But every religion has that. You've got the KKK, neo-nazis, strict believers, ... . The Jews who wanted Yeshos' death were equivalent to "them in the pic."

As for the dogs, long ago you also had little dogs and big ones, that's what I meant.

Bible-Qur'an reference:
I already told about the bible, and now the Qur'an. One of the passages clearly say that Rabbi's words are true and complete and that the definition is clear. If He says: "Cover your body where needed", then a "light" religious woman will cover her upperbody and legs, a "medium" religious woman will also cover her head and a strict believer will cover her body such that you even can't see her ... 'silhouette'. They ALL will certainly cover their breasts and legs, because that's the most important thing to cover.

And yes, I got a "lil' bit" off topic with the miracles hehe. But it's true!

As for the hierarchy. I don't know a "general" leader of the Islam. If I want, I can go and preach people, or my sister can, my 5-year old brother can. It all depends on who can tell it better and who knows more and rightously. In the Islam, your status isn't important, your intelligence and knowledge is.
And if you're going to quote the "righteously" part, it means "that what moral is"

To roughly answer "the question of religion" is "the answer to "Why are we here?". "

"An eye for an eye for an eye for an eye .... ends in making everybody blind"- Mahatma Ghandi
"One good act of vengeance deserves another..."- John Jefferson

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