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Ooooo! This is speculative (well maybe some of it), but fun. Alrighty then............


Revan 34 (I guess I think he/she has been living just a little longer than what most people think.)

Carth 38 ( I just don't see him any older than in the mid or late 30's at that time in the game.)

Bastila 29

Zaalbar 99

Mission 14 (Yeah, that was a givin' wasn't it.)

Juhani 28

Jolee 53

Canderous 44

T3 (How would you really know, since they are machines. Just about every part is replaced over time through regular maintenance by the owner.)

HK-47 (^Same as above.^)


Exile 37 (He/she has to be in their late 30's by now, in this game, if they followed Raven before to the Mandalorian Wars.

Atton 34

Kriea 59

Bao-Dur 35

Visas 32

Brianna 19

Mical/Disciple 21

Mira 23

Hannhar 55

Mandalore 49

T3 (Again, machine can't really tell.)

HK-47 (^Same as above^)

Go-To (^Same as above^)

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