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"Because I am the "bigger boss"..." he crossed his arms. "Being your instructor is part of the job, Miss Stuart - it comes with experience."

Moxie glared at Baldur. He was right. After all, he was the one doing her training. As an instructor, he always had to stay on her case. She sighed quietly, looking down.

"You are too trusting, Stuart. We have only just come into contact with the merc, and we know so little about him. He could pose as a threat to us, if he learned the precise location of our headquarters. I had to knock him unconcious, because he has to earn our trust. Do you understand?"

Biting her lower lip, upset, Moxie knew he was right. She sometimes didn't like it when he was right about things. But hey, that's what instructors do. They teach you. "Yes. Sir. I understand..."

"Hooray...Ice cream for everybody...except you Mr. Sun you'll just melt it." he said in a drowsy voice.

Moxie glanced over at Darius and giggled quietly. "Poor guy. He must be unconscious still," she thought to herself.


The SS agents finally arrived at the Supernatural Society base at Utah. It was a long hour drive, but it didn't bother anyone.

Once the van pulled in front of the base, William Manson, along with two officers at his side, stood at the entrance. After the van door opened, revealing the agents, the leader and his men saluted the team.

"Welcome back, agents. I assume that the mission went well?" Manson asked.
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