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Ashtin listed as the hum of the engine silenced and the back door opened. A slight sigh of relief escaped from his nostrils as he stood up and exited the van. He could tell by the smell in the air that Mr. Manson and two others where near the van. Ashtin however didn't pay them much attention. In fact the question Mr. Manson posed towards the group he ignored completely leaving any answer to come form Baldur. This night was growing tiring to Ashtin, so much so that he just wanted to head towards the gym and blow off some steam.

Entering the SS headquarters was a particularly painful experience, considering they had to have lights on particularly bright for his liking. But he just kept his eyes closed and listen to his shoes click against the metal floor. Thee doors down to his left was the elevator he pressed the button to go down and waited patiently for it to arrive. As he waited a couple more frustrated sighs had escaped from his mouth as his mind was replaying the events of the night.

"Stupid merc could of ruined everything." Ashtin mumbled to himself in a low growl.

Alvaro Rusu, or Ruse as his friends would call him, waited patently for an old friend of his to return to his office William Manson. Rusu found it strange that he would be summoned from his village across the globe by a friend he had not seen in years. But it was no matter, William made the matter seem rather important and of a delicate nature. Sitting there Rusu picked up is right leg and placed it over his left knee as his fingers strummed over the arm of the chair. His staff was leaning against his right arm. The staff of his was never far from his side, a very sturdy and strong staff. Most mistake it for a regular plain wooden staff. But are surprised when it doesn't break by a sword or gun fire.

Rusu lifted the fingers of his left hand to rub the markings on his forehead. Thee line that came to a point in between his eyebrows. The tattoo's were red, and signified that he was a shaman of his tribe, an elder of wisdom. Nothing else on Rusu was showing except for his eyes and his forehead. His eyes were a cool blue color, which made him seem older then he actually was. his words sometime had the ability to do that as well.

Rusu could feel a lot of spiritual activity coming closer to the building.

"Interesting place you have created here my old friend." Rusu whisper to himself as he rested his left cheek on his bent fingers.

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