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Revan seemed to be a few years older than Bastila. I don't know why, he just seemed to be much older. And also, SWCity said that Revan was 27 and Malak was 28, I thought Revan would be older than Malak. After all, he was his apprentice and masters should generaly be older than his padawan, at least by two or three years. Oh Yeah, I also read the weirdest fanfic the other day pre mando wars and Bastila and Malak were in love (disturbingly in love if ya know what I'm getting at) and it was like a love triangle and Revan turned to the Dark side and Malak was the one that redeemed himself. It was HILARIUS! Heres the ages of the minor characters and the ones I forgott.

Kreia: 72

Bao-Dur: 43

Helena: 65

Malak: 26

Vandar: 427

Vrook: 54

Zhar: 48

Lamar: 42

Visas: 32

Nihilus: 36

Sion: 29

Davik: 57

Dol Grenn: 61

Colonel Tobin: 43

Vaklu: 34

Talia: 28

Calo Nord: 34

Admiral Dadonna: 32

Lonna Vash: 41

Kavar: 37

Griff: 22

Leena: 18

Saul Karath: 54

Yuthura: 24

Uthar: 56

Sith Hermit: 86

Dustil Onasi: 16

Zeadra: 25

Hidden Beck Leader: 52

Vulkar leader: 24

Master Zek Ell: 49

Characters from comics

Zayne Carrick: 19

Shel: 18

Gryph: 42

Jarael: 20

Camper: 64

Merry Christmas!
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