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Stirring constantly, Aiden was unable to fall asleep. The people around him were either watching him or he was watching them, and strange thoughts kept streaming through his mind. Thoughts of the thing he was supposed to find--was it an angel? A dark angel? Or something else entirely? There was absolutely no way to know....But there was a possibility he could try and find the object.

Reaching out into the fabric of this world, something most humans had only a limited ability to do, he tried to sense whatever it was. But he had to search through millions of people, millions of objects, millions of creatures...and there it was. Strange that he had found something so quick. But when trying to figure out what he had found, it looked to him like...a human. No, it was something else. From the heavens? Suddenly the connection was broken. Severed, almost by the will of the thing that he was searching for.

Whatever it was, this thing was powerful.

A hand touched Aiden's shoulder. It was a woman. She felt strangely familiar, or perhaps it was just Aiden remembering...her. She sat down next to him, and asked him a question.

"Is this where we wait for our flights?"

"Yes," replied Aiden. A brief moment passed when he felt like being nasty, but something prevented him from doing so. Another peculiar event.

"Are you on the flight to Nevada?" she asked.

Startled, Aiden almost began to speak.

"I overheard you earlier. Don't worry about it." She smiled, almost as if she had just won something. Odd. He didn't remember her being there when he had come in....Perhaps this whole business had thrown him off severely. He looked at her more closely.

Flinching, his entire body suddenly became warm. It was her. But how had he not noticed her before...that was certainly not something normal....

Smiling again, she told him, "I'm coming with you." There was obvious tension in her voice.

"Why?" he asked.

"You look like you need some help. Besides, we're friends, aren't we?" She almost reluctantly looked down after she said these words, and then smiled at him again.

"Now, mind telling me why we're traveling halfway across the country?"
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