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I should go.
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Conrad smiled and let out a breath of relief as the van pulled into what looked like their final destination. He remained absolutely still as the agents in the van below him got out.

"Welcome back, agents. I assume that the mission went well?"

He tried to keep from chuckling as he slid silently down the side of the van and lay prone on the concrete. He then rolled underneath the van watching the feet of the agents.

"Well as someone who wasn't part of the mission I would say so. Darius Wilson, Merc for Hire. See your group and I were after the same man which you got. Your two vampires verbally confronted me while the girl remained outside. She must have seen me as I heard a voice come in from one of the vampire's radio things. He then said we would share the target and all I had to do was get in the van. Well than the girl pistol whipped me from behind and knocked me out. So here I am now good sir, a lonely merc with a itchy trigger finger wanting to shoot a gang of vampire bikers. So whatya say, need an extra hand?"

Conrad took note of this man's statement.

He has the atitude of a merc...and I know can change their minds quite easily...a possible ally if I play my cards right. Thought Conrad.

He looked around at the complex from underneath the van, scouting it out. He'd need to find a way to infiltrate...but that would happen in due time.

Conrad rested and resorted back to listening to the Agents' conversation and watching their feet.

you very much
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