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IF Zeus was the god, then it doesn't matter to me, because whatever you do, you'll just dwell in the underworld. And besides, I'm insulting Zeus right now, just to see if a lightning bolt will hit me...

Nope, nothing

And for the "laws of shame" or norms as you call it, it's universal in the civilized world. Go then, go to a nudist beach and walk around. I wouldn't do that, even if they pay me. But of course, that's MY choice.

And if someone chooses for a religion, then HE did it, not you. For him, or her for that matter, it will be the right choice as long as the religion relies on moral ethics.

Then I'm asking you: How did we get here?

And I agree with purifier.

"An eye for an eye for an eye for an eye .... ends in making everybody blind"- Mahatma Ghandi
"One good act of vengeance deserves another..."- John Jefferson

Extracted from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2... Beautiful game

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