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"Welcome back, agents. I assume that the mission went well?"

Baldur stepped out of the van, dragging Johnny Black's unconcious body from out of the van.

"A little too easy than I had imagined if you ask me..." he remarked, as he dropped the body infront of Manson. "I injected him with a small dose of Garlic, enough to knock him out cold and not cause his head to explode."

He crossed his arms, and stared at his companions. "Overall, their performance had met with my expectations. Miss Stuart needs a little more working on, however..."

He then glanced at the now awoken Darius and Mara. "We brought these two along, because they have business with our friend here. I thought they could provide valuable information to us. Dont worry, I followed correct procedure and ensured they didnt learn of the directions to our location."
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