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"A little too easy than I had imagined if you ask me..." he remarked, as he dropped the body infront of Manson. "I injected him with a small dose of Garlic, enough to knock him out cold and not cause his head to explode."

Manson nodded. "Good work. That'll give us enough time to put him in the interrogation room."

"Overall, their performance had met with my expectations. Miss Stuart needs a little more working on, however..."

Moxie bowed her head shamefullly.

"We brought these two along, because they have business with our friend here. I thought they could provide valuable information to us. Dont worry, I followed correct procedure and ensured they didnt learn of the directions to our location."

"Very good, agent Septimus," he nodded with a smile. He then turned to Darius.

"Well as someone who wasn't part of the mission I would say so. Darius Wilson, Merc for Hire. See your group and I were after the same man which you got. Your two vampires verbally confronted me while the girl remained outside. She must have seen me as I heard a voice come in from one of the vampire's radio things. He then said we would share the target and all I had to do was get in the van. Well than the girl pistol whipped me from behind and knocked me out. So here I am now good sir, a lonely merc with a itchy trigger finger wanting to shoot a gang of vampire bikers. So whatya say, need an extra hand?"

Manson grinned. "Give me time to think on it, Mr. Wilson. In the mean time, you and our lady friend here will be in the waiting room. Do not worry, we won't be hostile if you don't be."

Moxie glanced up. "Sir? I... I tried my best. But... but I..." Tears filled her eyes. "Excuse me..." She bumped Baldur out of the way with her arm and sadly walked away.

Manson glanced back at the young girl and sighed sadly.

(Inside the building)

After she was walking down the hallway to her room, Moxie began to cry. "I wanna go home..."
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